la recua screening and awards in Mexico 2021
Hello Friends and Followers!

Since October we have been posting how La Recua has been doing as we trot along the festival trail. We’ve had fun, accolades, and awards come our way! But… sometimes we don’t get around to posting the info bilingually, so these few paragraphs will help give an idea how many folks have been admiring our burros and vaqueros on screens throughout the US and Mexico.

After spring 2021, at screenings both online and live from Santa Barbara, Alta CA, to Houston, TX our mule packers have herded our long-eared movie stars out to Santa Fe, NM, to Utah, … and they’re still trotting across flat-screens via the Maui Film Festival until December 8th.

See La Recua at MFF via this link.

A few recent highlights: Well-received in Santa Fé! Our new friend, Eileen, a long-time festival programmer, fairly gushed her appreciation of La Recua. Others came forward to request we submit to their festivals too!

la recua screening and awards in Mexico 2021

  • Our La Paz film team flew to Mexico City to be present to receive an “Oscarcito” … a wooden mustached-hombre that looks so much like Darío!
  • In Cabo… the whole extended Higuera clan filled half the theater. A very fun family-photo-shoot session ensued in the theater lobby.

The biggest splash those burros have made has been in our own backyard, here in Mexico. With two first-prize awards, a half-dozen interviews, plus some lovely reviews from Mexico’s most important film critics, we feel we have earned our own little camp-site in the realm of Mexican documentary. Our burritos will take a short rest, then trot across your own screens to continue to share an important piece of history from Old California.

Thanks for keeping up with our posts and soon we’ll be letting you know how and where to watch La Recua – The Mule Pack Train, how to join us for some fun Q&A sessions, and eventually how to purchase a streaming version or a DVD.