Darío Higuera Meza

(Actor / Director/ Dreamer) Darío is a ranching and leatherwork expert specializing in traditional gear used in Baja California Sur. Dario was a key character for the filming of the award-winning documentary, Corazón Vaquero in 2006/2007. Recently he has won several statewide recognitions for his continued work in teaching, promoting and inciting a revival of historic Californio ranching skills. Darío has earned the position of Director for the film, as his story and knowledge weaves through the fabric of the film and leads us down the trail.

Luis Higuera Murillo

Luis Higuera Murillo

The youngest son of Dario Higuera and key element to pack train management, trail knowledge and construction of traditional gear used in the documentary.

Ricardo Arce Aguilar

Ricardo Arce Aguilar

Ricardo lives in the Sierra San Francisco in central BCS. Ricardo’s screen-presence, music ability, trail-guide experience, and ranch and leatherworking knowledge makes him a perfect addition in our documentary.

Azucena Arce

Azucena Arce

Azucena, age 10, daughter of Ricardo, has grown up on road-less ranches in the heart of the Sierra de San Francisco. Riding outback trails and learning to herd and pack burros at a very young age, her genuine and competent trail-presence makes her an inspiring member of the team.

Luis Ramon Higuera

Age 8 and is the son of Luis and the lucky grandson of Dario Higuera. Apple of his grandfather’s eye Ramoncito is the future generation to keep the historic talabartero (leatherworker) tradition alive.

che the donkey guide

Jose ‘Che” Martinez

Che is trail-guide extraordinaire and the guy we counted on to give us our daily “walking orders” for trail and camp logistics.



Trudi Angell (Producer / Director)

Trudi Angell
(Producer / Director)

Trudi Angell is an award-winning organizer of rural, sustainable tours in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Since 1986 she has organized mule-pack trips to renowned World Heritage Rock Art sites and famous road-less ranches, missions and villages in the heart of the peninsula. She was an Associate Producer in 2007 for Corazón Vaquero, a timely documentary portrait of Old Californio ranch lifestyle. Thirteen years later, at age 65, this is her first full-length documentary, having worn many sombreros for the past 4 years as Producer/Director/Head of Logistics/Translator and more!   

Elizabeth Moreno Damm (Cinematography)

Elizabeth Moreno Damm

Elizabeth Moreno Damm was born in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Having studied Photography at Colorado Mountain College and specializing in Fine Art Printing and Documentary Video, Elizabeth’s medium of ‘artistry with light’ has led her to a profession as a freelance photographer in her home city. Her passion lies in Baja California with a focus on the intimacies of the Rural and Traditional Ranching Culture on the peninsula.

Alejandro Rivas Sánchez (Cinematography, Drone)

Alejandro Rivas Sánchez
(Cinematography, Drone)

Alejandro Rivas Sánchez has been living in La Paz, BCS since 2005 and is renowned for his documentary editions related to the natural and cultural heritage at the edge of the Sea. His documentary work has been honored with the “Premio Nacional de Periodismo Fernando Benítez” and the Jury’s prize at the “México de los Mexicanos” contest. Alejandro’s latest piece “Restoring the Bay, a cultural transformation” was selected for screening at the Ecofilm Festival 2016.  

Erik Stevens (Co-Producer, Video, RED, and Editing)

Erik Stevens
(Co-Producer, Video, RED, and Editing)

Erik Stevens is a native of San Francisco, California. He is a writer and videographer who has been traveling the world and focused on natural history for over 30 years. He began making nature videos in BCS in 2013 and now spends his time exploring, recording and writing on the culture and natural beauty of the peninsula.

Sergio Castro – (Editor, Post-Pro Supervisor)

Sergio Castro
Editor, Post-Pro Supervisor)

Sergio Castro was born in La Paz and has been living in Mexico City since 2015. His heart is in BCS but his editing skills have flourished in D.F.. He was very excited to edit a teaser for promotion, and then the Recua documentary, to share a part of the history of Baja California Sur via film. Closely observing Sergio as he worked for many months sifting scenes revealed a heroic determination and focus.

Rogelio Muñoz – (Sound Engineer)

Rogelio Muñoz
(Sound Engineer)

Rogelio Muñoz – (Sound Engineer) was born and raised in BCS and studied sound for film in Monterrey, Mexico. Rogelio has lived in La Paz for most of his life, has worked in the BCS area on many projects and films. He is considered one of the best sound engineers on the peninsula and is requested in all parts of Mexico. Besides great skill as a ‘sound-guy’, Roge’s energy and playfulness was a key part of our trail experience and team success.

Leonardo Simoes -  (Animation, Post-Pro Supervisor)

Leonardo Simoes
(Animation, Post-Pro Supervisor)

Leonardo Simoes hails form Portugal, studied in Guadalajara and has been living in La Paz for 8 years. Our go-to genius for technical issues, Leo is one of the most focused filmmakers in his craft. We all bow to Leo for his knowledge and willingness to help out when anyone on the team needed a quick tech-fix or a delve into a mastering issue.

Andrés Ozawa – (Script)

Andrés Ozawa

Andrés Ozawa was born in La Paz and was a valued team member for the post-production of La Recua by bringing its story-vision into perspective.  Self-taught, earning his credentials as a filmmaker online during 2020 and working alongside the crew of Producciones Cormorán, Andres is well-spoken and dedicated to his craft equally in production and post-production.

Fermín Reygadas Dahl -  (consulting)

Fermín Reygadas Dahl

Fermín Reygadas Dahl has been living, researching and teaching in La Paz for over 40 years. Specializing in, well, everything… Fermín is currently working on publishing a book on the History of Leatherworking especially related to techniques in Baja California Sur.  The mutual respect between Dario and Fermin has led to a strong friendship through the decades.

Alvaro Castro

Alvaro Castro
(Sound Designer)

Alvaro Castro, brother of Sergio, was born in La Paz, works as an audio-engineer in sound design in Mexico City and has jumped back into his desert roots to produce a sense of place via sound in La Recua. His attention to detail in the foley and design for the film leads us through the varied desert sound-scapes.

Alejandro Guerrero - (Music Score)

Alejandro Guerrero
(Music Score)

Alejandro Guerrero was born in La Paz BCS and studied in various regions of Mexico. He is a musician trained in classical guitar, flamenco, and many other genres of guitar, drums and more. His experience teaching children and young adults, conducting orchestras, and making professional music presentations throughout Mexico and the world is impressive, and his easy-going nature blended nicely into La Recua film team.

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